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Cannabis Trellis are an important part of the cultivation process to increase yield & proper training of plants. Trillix provides a unique and affordable alternative for those growers looking to get more out of their training system (trellis). Our moveable trellis has been designed to save you time, effort and money in supporting your plants’ growth. We want you to get the most out of your trellis system to best manage your canopy.

Why Us

We want to save you time and effort by making it easy to support your plants. Ever had your trellis netting not at the right position, either too short or too high? Ever wish you could easily adjust that? Ever hate it when the tension on the netting isn’t strong enough to hold up your plants? Ever want an affordable option to have an integrated moveable trellis?

Thats where we come in. Our components make it easy to create a moveable frame that can be adapt to your grow. We understand every set up is different, but we can match your design with ease and with low cost to provide you an integrated trellis system. Go into any hydroponic store today and you will find little help in this area of growing, which is why so many growers have no other option but to build their own or pay hundreds of dollars on custom equipment. Let us save you money, time, and effort & build with us!

Why Plastic?

We use plastic as our material of choice, plastic is very cost effective & can withstand many environmental stresses without losing structural integrity. Per linear foot plastic is less expensive than any other material saving you money. Our system being adaptable without custom requirements means that as you scale & grow your business or hobby you are not stuck with custom equipment that might not suit your future needs. Our system can easily and affordably be changed to meet any new requirements. You wont be able to find another trellis system that can do that for you!


Train the growth towards the light for higher levels of absorption for better yields.

Complete control of netting support to be at the precise level you would like.

The support frame can be deconstructed and reconstructed with ease

Cost effective & highly adaptable


Essential principles of a training system

Optimize leaf positioning to maximize photosynthesis & light penetration

Optimize uniform shoot positioning & spacing to prevent shading & promoting air movement

Optimize management by controlling the shape & growth of the plant

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