Trellising Made Easy

The only customizable and reconfigurable trellis to grow your plants.

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Any crop. Any garden. Any weather. Meet the new standard for DIY home gardening.

From tomatoes in the spring, to pumpkins in the fall, Trillix can be reconfigured every season to grow with any crop. Weatherproof against rust and rot, Trillix will help produce healthy crops in your garden year after year.

Key Features

Designed to be easy to use, customizable, and long-lasting.

  • Adjustable Components

    Adjustable Components

    Patented hassle-free components naturally slide up piping to configure many different types of trellises.

  • Multi-Functional


    Easily reconfigure your trellis into a vertical, horizontal, or custom setup depending on the needs of seasonal crops.

  • Simple Assembly

    Simple Assembly

    Lighter and easier to work with than traditional metal or wood trellises, shortcut time, resources, and spend more time growing than building.

  • UV and Weather-Resistant

    UV and Weather-Resistant

    High quality PVC stands up against the elements and maintains a high-gloss finish without fading, rotting, or rusting season after season.

  • Vertical Gardening Trellis

    The best trellis method for maximizing your growing space, vertical trellising allows tall vines and climbing vegetables to be trained upward on a trellis. Perfect to maximize your grow space.

  • Horizontal Gardening Trellis

    Ideal for determinate varieties, grapes, flowers and more, horizontal trellising easily grows plants in a row fashion with the help of netting, wire mesh, or twine.

Why Build with Trillix?


Re-use Trillix year after year with its high grade PVC piping that stands up to any weather condition without rusting, rotting, or discoloration.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Shortcut building time with DIY-friendly materials that require significantly less tools and time to configure than wood or metal.


The only trellis solution that can come in a variety of colors and re-configured into different trellises to meet the needs of your plants.

What Our Customers Say

So happy with how easy it was to setup my new trellis in the backyard! Just started growing our first tomatoes :)

Just setup my first vertical trellis in about 10 minutes at a new community garden with my family. Looks great!

I just started getting into gardening this year and and added a horizontal trellis this week. So easy and so happy with how it looks!