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Crop Management

Crop Management

Crop management is a vital part to guarantee success with your crops that every grower should implement into their growing practices. Crop management can be divided into two sections TRAINING and PRUNING. What are the differences, which is better to utilize and why do you need to do this in order to reach your plants full potential will be explained in this post.

TRAINING determines the general character of the plant by manipulating the direction and position of branches into a desirable shape or form that can be easily manage. Training helps aid in task such as pesticide spraying that every part of the plant is evenly sprayed, decreases any congestion that can cause overlapping & shading of branches, and directing the growth to receive the best sunlight & air circulation. With the help of a trellis, training should be done from the very beginning to promote the development of a strong framework that allows all portions of the plant to be exposed to sunlight and to be supported.

PRUNING is the removal of plant parts (e.g. unproductive branches, shading leaves) with the objective to get a better yield and quality of fruit. Pruning is important for keeping the density of the canopy in check with a balance between leaf and fruit growth. With pruning the grower can help increase the size and quality of fruit being grown. Pruning controls the shape, size, and fruit load to aid in consistent yields and quality product.

Both aspects of crop management are vital to achieving consistent yields and quality fruit. Yields can fluctuate having good crop management practices will help minimize the fluctuations into successful harvests. Crop management provides the understanding to improve plant structure and plant microclimate to get the highest return. Each aspect should be utilized in tandem to increase yields and quality of fruit being grown, without or lack of one your plants could be missing the necessary aid to reach their full potential and your full return for each harvest.

In short, without crop management practices plants can become difficult to manage. It is better to direct growth with training than to correct it with pruning. Pruning creates wounds that make plants more susceptible to infections! A trellis should alway be utilized to help directed the growth & support the weight of each branch.

Training Objectives:

  • Orientation of the plant in space (uniformity)
  • Establish a strong frame work
  • Facilitate management of plant
  • Receive sunlight efficiently

Pruning Objectives:

  • Control shape
  • Control size
  • Control leaf to fruit growth
  • Increase yield & quality of product


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